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April To Do List
Posted on Apr 5th, 2016 Comments (0)
April To Do List
  • As bluebonnets go to see, leave them so that they can produce and self-spread.  Do not cut them for another month or two.
  • If you have not done an initial irrigation audit and inspection, do it now.
  • Aerate your turf and top dress with compost.
  • See Bermuda seed into bare turf spots after April 15.
  • Set out spring annuals in 4" pots or even 10" baskets for quick color.
  • You can plant Caladium tubers late in the month after the soil is completely warm.
Fact or Fiction:  Tree Wells & Mulch
I must add mulch to tree wells every year.
Fiction:  Mulch is a good product to use in tree wells of trees less than one year old.  They help to hold in moisture at the roots (which in a newly planted tree are right below the tree canopy).  BUT after one year, a tree's roots have grown out beyond the tree well.  Only these feeder roots pick up moisture.  In fact, lots of mulch built up around a tree trunk is BAD for the tree.
So save TONS of money and stop mulching those tree wells.  See the nicely UN-mulched trees illustrated.
Fact or Fiction:  Gator Bags

I place Gator bags on my trees during the summer to water them.  This keeps my trees alive, right?
Fiction:  Gator bags are fantastic for newly planted trees because new trees' roots are right below the canopy of the tree.  The Gator bags do nothing to provide moisture to ESTABLISHED trees whose roots have moved out beyond the base of the tree.
Fact or Fiction:  Weeds

If I have a chemical application of herbicide, it will keep all weeds out of my landscape's turf and beds. 
Fiction:  Most chemical programs provide only the bare minimum of pre and post emergent herbicides.  It is important to know that in unusual weather situations (very hot, very wet, very warm winter) basic chemical programs are not enough.  Additional applications of herbicides must be applied to control weeds.  Note that the NON-WINTER of 2016 in Texas has seen one of the largest crops of weeds ever.  Pre emergents "pooped out' long ago and one post emergent herbicide application is not enough to control weeds, especially when maintenance visits are reduced during the winter.

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