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Holiday Flag Program

Holiday Flag Program
Sponsored by the Plano Sunrise Rotary Club
The Plano Sunrise Rotary Club invites you to join your neighbors in proudly displaying the American Flag in front of your home. This program gives residents of your community the opportunity to show their pride and love for our country. In exchange for an annual subscription price of $45.00, we will place a 3-foot x 5-foot American Flag on a 10-foot pole between the curb and sidewalk near your front door. Seeing these flags lined up along the streets in your community is truly an impressive site, so we encourage you to talk to your neighbors and get everyone involved! Proceeds from this flag program enable us to contribute to a variety of worthwhile charitable programs.
  Independence Day July 4, 2014 July 1, 2014 July 7, 2014 June 25, 2014 $45
Patriot Day
Sept. 11, 2014 Aug. 29, 2014 Sept. 15, 2014 Aug. 29, 2014 $38
  Veterans Day Nov. 11, 2014 Nov. 10, 2014 Nov. 17, 2014 Nov. 5, 2014 $31
President's Day
Feb. 16, 2015 Feb. 13, 2015 Feb. 20, 2015 Feb. 2, 2015 $24
  Memorial Day May 25, 2015 May 22, 2015 May 29, 2015 May 15, 2015 $18
  Flag Day June 14, 2015 June 11, 2015 June 16, 2015 June 5, 2015 $12
The fee includes all remaining holidays for that subscription year.
Organizations supported by your subscription: Hendrick Scholarship Foundation, Plano Children’s Medical Clinic, Children’s Medical Center-Legacy, Adoption Awareness Carnival, Assistance Center of Collin County, End Polio Now.
David B. McCall, Jr. Plano Sunrise Rotary Foundation is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization.
For questions, please email PSRFlags@gmail.com


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